About this manual

UPM Logistics strives to deliver UPM products to its customers on time and in a sound condition. UPM also aims to provide a healthy and safe working place for its own employees and its partners’ employees. In order to achieve our goal that the supply chain earns reputation of excellence, UPM has published the Cargo Handling Manual.

The manual contains the minimum compulsory requirements for handling, transporting and warehousing UPM products, and they are valid globally for all parties (internal and external) in the logistics chain. Cargo securing instructions and recommendations presented in the manual are referring to CEPI Load Safety Guidelines – “General cargo securing instructions for pulp and paper products according to the EU standard EN-12195-1:2010 and VDI 2700 ff. (see downloads).UPM requires that all its partners and suppliers comply with any applicable International or National Laws and Regulations. Laws and Regulations that are more rigid than the Cargo Handling Manual prevail.

The personnel must be skilled, trained and capable of handling and transporting UPM products. Furthermore the personnel are to be instructed in environmental protection.

The manual has been prepared in accordance with the best knowledge and understanding we have today. If you feel there is something missing or should be changed  Please do not hesitate to give your feedback either to your nearest UPM representative or use the “feedback” button on the bottom of each page.

Finnish Customs has granted UPM-Kymmene Oyj an AEOF Certificate on the 11th of July 2011. AEOF Certificate’s owner has a Customs Security Certificate for customs and logistics operations and is therefore justified for certain benefits in EU, for example simplified custom procedures and facilitations for customs declaration phase inspections.